Steyning Arts online portrait exhibition

Since first lockdown I’ve been trying to make the front of the house a bit more cheery with bunting and painted pebbles. Then for Halloween, I dressed a christmas tree as a witch [because why not?] and put her in the porch with pumpkins, a shiny metal beetle, and some supposedly luminous stones. Steyning Arts portrait exhibition is online for obvious reasons but I’ve popped mine in the porch for anyone passing by to take a glance at – safely of course. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Steyning Arts website. Instagram: Facebook: Steyning Arts website: *Painting … Continue reading Steyning Arts online portrait exhibition

29 tonnes of unfit carrots

Originally posted on Conboyhillpaintingmedia:
I like this because I like art that not only tells a story but lets us know what that story is. This one is about waste. An MFA student at Goldsmiths university dumped 29 tonnes of carrots deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’ under a tree on the university’s campus to illustrate the easy profligacy of the food industry. The aerial photograph showing the physical space, thereby pointing up the nutritional sacrifice, is sobering. But as the original text makes clear, the installation was temporary, the food was sent on to animals. A good few students also… Continue reading 29 tonnes of unfit carrots