Art or Palette?

I’m including this serendipitous piece here because the module has as its key objective the exploration of painting media and while there was no intent behind it, I think it has opened another door on both the way media can work and how outcomes might be judged. I posted it initially on Instagram with the question, art or palette? Most people dodged the challenge but some made their pitch – it was art. I felt I had to come clean so I told them it wasn’t, it was my palette. One person said then that it was both art and … Continue reading Art or Palette?

UPM postcard paintings – a video

I’m keen to get a better grip on my video editing software and to begin incorporating better sound tracks and so I used a selection of paintings from one of the earlier exercises to play around with transitions between images and to experiment with adding sound files. I’ve been a little bit rushed (self imposed) with previous films and as a result not really trying out anything new, so the idea was to really rummage around and see what could be achieved with this piece of kit. There’s an upgrade on the horizon, will it be worth the extra outlay? … Continue reading UPM postcard paintings – a video

Assignment 2 with AR via QR – blue butterflies anyone?

This very primitive demonstration shows how augmentation can be applied to paintings wherever they are and accessed using QR scanning. A second way of making the AR visible is to upload the target image, in this case the painting, and the video file – this one made in Thyng – to the Thyng website. Once live, scanning the image with the Thyng app will bring up the AR embedded video. QR scanners are ubiquitous for smart devices. Thyng may be a new um, thing but is also a smart device app. This is an experiment; I’m paddling in the shallows … Continue reading Assignment 2 with AR via QR – blue butterflies anyone?

The meaning of art

After a lifetime in health care with varying degrees of responsibility, it was a joy to retire and do something less critical. Art would be about footling around with paint and getting charcoal on your nose, and nobody would die if I forgot who Matisse was. I was wrong on all counts except, obviously, the one about people dying of my sudden-onset Matisse Amnesia. Art has a complex history of decoration, illumination, and exploitation, but latterly has also had a political edge – take Banksy’s various visual commentaries, especially his dystopian fairground, Dismaland. I had been largely unaware of much … Continue reading The meaning of art

Coronavirus: COVID-19

This post is replicated from my PoP blog because this module, as the previous one, is likely to be dominated by the threats and constraints placed on all of us by this global pandemic. 15th March 2020. As a note for the chronology of this set of circumstances, and because the relevance of those circumstances may not immediately come to mind in the future, Europe is now the epicentre of the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) pandemic. Here in the UK, those of us over 70 years of age or with health vulnerabilities are advised to stay away from enclosed spaces and to … Continue reading Coronavirus: COVID-19

Supplementary project

One of my found photos is a still from the Loch Arkaig osprey cam taken just after the first chick hatched and while there were still two eggs. Of all the photos, this is the one I actually wanted to paint and, for the assignment, I will. But the specifications are that each painting should be on a 6″ x 6″ square of HP watercolour paper and I really wanted to make something bigger. So that’s what I’m doing; getting it out of my system, maybe! This is the tipping point; the support is flimsy and won’t take much more … Continue reading Supplementary project

So here I am on my third OCA module

At the time of writing, I have one module in for assessment and the final tutorial for the second is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m not sure what to expect from UPM but if my past experience is any guide, I’ll throw tantrums at it till about halfway through Part 1 and then, when I’ve grasped the new expectations, run away with it like a kid in a theme park.  And because I’ve developed an aversion to posts with no pictures, I’ve imported one from PoP to keep things ticking over.   Continue reading So here I am on my third OCA module