Probably my best ever photo

22nd November. Taken a few days ago and since it’s attracted a certain amount of attention on social media, I’m posting it here for the sake of provenance. This is a footpath locally running alongside a bypass but you’d never know it from this view. There is deeply mulched ground on either side that fills up and overflows onto the path in heavy rain. The trees are coppiced from time to time, but otherwise left to be themselves. That day, I was stymied by the flood, not having the right footwear to get through it and stay dry; the photo … Continue reading Probably my best ever photo

Repainting the painting of the unpaintable

I decided I’d finished this yesterday, but really I knew I hadn’t. It grew out of one palette, drew on another, then morphed into a theme that needed the first. And I’d rushed the video. So I began picking away at it, finding the story, bringing out the face of the figure in the water and defining it. By this point, the story was about deep sea fishing and the cruelty that involves for fish and crew depending on the ethics of the captain. Through the podcast, Lost at Sea, I learned how crews are essentially trapped on board often … Continue reading Repainting the painting of the unpaintable

Welcome to London; twinned with Arrakis since 2042

When you wake up to find you’ve told Alexa to remind you about ‘painting spreadsheets’, normally, you’d ask yourself what cheese you’d been eating last night. This time it was nothing so alimentary; it had dawned on me, connecting with something a tutor had said a while back about everything being ‘rather flat’, that I’ve been making very complex and detailed but essentially one dimensional paintings lately. No perspective, nothing round or shaped, just linear tracts of paint that wouldn’t be 3D unless you cut them out and danced them in front of the canvas like they did with the … Continue reading Welcome to London; twinned with Arrakis since 2042

What wasn’t on the art trail

There are things you can take and things you can’t, and it depends on the location and the nature of the event. An art trail is not an exhibition, it is essentially a market, and so what goes on display has to suit the kinds of people who might be coming and hopefully be in the mood to buy. Artivive enabled means that this image, when viewed through the Artivive app, will call up the associated video. The contract between me and a buyer is that it will remain enabled for at least two years from purchase and/or until there … Continue reading What wasn’t on the art trail