Where to find


I have a website with links to other places such as my writer’s blog, the sciency one [merged now with the writer blog], the one about promoting literacy by adding voice tracks to reading materials, and another detailing an interview technique (Good Question) for decisional capacity.  For anyone who’s interested, I’m on twitter as both @strayficshion and @demtigerpaw, the latter my in-world research avatar who sometimes got to wear wings and once sat next to a crow at a conference.  Instagram – that’s @fishbits, and tumblr is @straykatfish. Bit of a pattern there.

And as the degree course requires online learning logs which are public, you can see what’s going on with the warts-and-all progress from aggravation to triumph to deflated capitulation to back on the horse. There are four Level 1 (HE4) blogs: Drawing, Painting, and Understanding Painting Media, all passed at assessment. Next is Level 2 which comprises two modules worth 60 credits each. This is Studio Practice.

Email: strayfisharts@strayfish.plus.com