Selected physical/digital hybrid artwork

Eighteen examples of hybrid artwork using Artivive technology. Native in-app recordings are 10 seconds long; live viewing picks up the full length video although these are kept relatively short for viewer comfort.

Blue Passports. Response to impact of 2016 referendum.
Institutions: Fete days and realities.
Partition of India.
Contrasting the ‘baby lambs’ visits to farms with the reality.
Shaped by Pen y Gent, Red Wall is about the political divisions in the UK.
Black lives matter embedded video.
Commissioned to accompany a poem about escape from an oppressive regime: fleeting joy then death.
Riffing on starry night with a painting by numbers set.
In-app recording on a riverside path. This is currently an unstable target image.
Landscape on a van. Reliant on the owner to test as I don’t own the vehicle.
In-app recording of underpass installations using graffiti as target images. This area is proving very stable.
Underpass in-app recordings as above.
Underpass in-app recordings.
Publicising an art trail. This target has also proved stable.
Artivive on a pair of bins.
Artivive on a telegraph pole.
Second Life’s Brighton as backdrop to exhibition material.
My first ‘in the wild’ hybrid.

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