Physical/digital hybrid artwork; a list

Examples of hybrid artwork using Artivive technology. Native in-app recordings are 10 seconds long; live viewing picks up the full length video although these are kept relatively short for viewer comfort.

Blue Passports. Response to impact of 2016 referendum.
Institutions: Fete days and realities.
Partition of India.
Contrasting the ‘baby lambs’ visits to farms with the reality.
Shaped by Pen y Gent, Red Wall is about the political divisions in the UK.
Black lives matter embedded video.
Commissioned to accompany a poem about escape from an oppressive regime: fleeting joy then death.
Riffing on starry night with a painting by numbers set.
In-app recording on a riverside path. This is currently an unstable target image.
Landscape on a van. Reliant on the owner to test as I don’t own the vehicle.
In-app recording of underpass installations using graffiti as target images. This area is proving very stable.
Underpass in-app recordings as above.
Underpass in-app recordings.
Publicising an art trail. This target has also proved stable.
Artivive on a pair of bins.
Artivive on a telegraph pole.
Second Life’s Brighton as backdrop to exhibition material.
My first ‘in the wild’ hybrid.

In-app recording of this animation on the side of the sports hall was critically affected by poor connectivity, aka dreadful phone signal. My Lenovo tablet didn’t help by being obstructive in its own right and putting the recording I was able to make somewhere it’s not telling me about.

Two other installations are similarly affected in that a good signal in the underpass gave me good in-app recordings but I’ve no idea where they are!

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