If you can’t find a gallery that fits …

You just have to build your own! The problem with augmented art is it needs connectivity or it isn’t going to be augmented, and while I make the paintings as standalone as possible, I add the AR as a way for it to speak in a different voice. So it’s a bit like turning up to a ‘do’ in your best frock but without the accessories. Sort of. Locally, there’s barely a phone signal anywhere, and finding a venue with – ok just finding a venue and never mind one with wifi – is well nigh impossible. Solution? A virtual … Continue reading If you can’t find a gallery that fits …

Probably my best ever photo

22nd November. Taken a few days ago and since it’s attracted a certain amount of attention on social media, I’m posting it here for the sake of provenance. This is a footpath locally running alongside a bypass but you’d never know it from this view. There is deeply mulched ground on either side that fills up and overflows onto the path in heavy rain. The trees are coppiced from time to time, but otherwise left to be themselves. That day, I was stymied by the flood, not having the right footwear to get through it and stay dry; the photo … Continue reading Probably my best ever photo

Welcome to London; twinned with Arrakis since 2042

Originally posted on Strayfish Arts:
When you wake up to find you’ve told Alexa to remind you about ‘painting spreadsheets’, normally, you’d ask yourself what cheese you’d been eating last night. This time it was nothing so alimentary; it had dawned on me, connecting with something a tutor had said a while back about everything being ‘rather flat’, that I’ve been making very complex and detailed but essentially one dimensional paintings lately. No perspective, nothing round or shaped, just linear tracts of paint that wouldn’t be 3D unless you cut them out and danced them in front of the canvas… Continue reading Welcome to London; twinned with Arrakis since 2042

Filmora green screen tutorials

Originally posted on Strayfish Arts:
A couple of quick saves here. Chroma inks, chroma pens, chroma coffee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kqmPVZVpck&list=TLGGiyuQClA760YxNzA0MjAyMg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyxnYkJQaNg&list=TLGGEWMgof3t5b8xNzA0MjAyMg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AoyIHF1Zvo&list=TLGGHKj8ROXAU6sxNzA0MjAyMg So here’s the result of an afternoon watching tutorials while my green screen mask dried. https://youtu.be/apIml39uDVg Footnote: the headband stayed… Continue reading Filmora green screen tutorials

Artivive in the wild!

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I’ve mentioned the Artivive app before – it’s an app that calls up video hosted on their site and linked to a specific image. For now, it’s mostly used in galleries where lighting and connectivity are generally good. I used it for my contribution to our lane’s Advent Window fundraiser (for the local school) whereby one window a night is ‘unveiled’ and then stays lit for the rest of Christmas, which meant viewing in the dark from the garden in a village where mobile signals aren’t always great. It was a big test and it… Continue reading Artivive in the wild!

Moving on

This unit is not due to be assessed until March 2022 but as time doesn’t stand still, I’ll be starting the next and final Level 2 (HE5) module in a day or so. Update: it’s August 2022 and how could I forget to update this post when I got seventy five percent for this module. That’s first, and also a First. Wow. Meanwhile, I’ve been cracking on with Exploring Media and submitting that for assessment during September with results due in December. Merry Christmas! You can find it here: Exploring Media. Continue reading Moving on