Exploring Media, exercises 3-8 (?pertaining to assignment 6)

This is the other page in the course notes that had gone missing unnoticed but that I think I probably addressed from experience elsewhere. In my video, I have very definitely worked to my strengths, using VR technology to show my AR work and a fantasy avatar to tour with it. I have learned a huge amount about video making in this process so that, while still rooted in physical painting, I feel better equipped to begin innovating beyond the techniques I have used so far. I think this approach also reflects sensitivity to the project (Ex 4) in that … Continue reading Exploring Media, exercises 3-8 (?pertaining to assignment 6)

Research task: artists speaking about their practice

This is designed to underpin assignment 5 although, due to a mis-alignment of my printed copy of the course materials, I had already completed the video element. Fortunately, I had also viewed the recommended videos and formed an impression based on these and other interviews with artists, writers, scientists, and in documentaries. These seem to break down categorically by inclusion/non inclusion of the interviewer; sedentary/mobile interviewee; front/partial profile aspect; and lighting. Interviewees in a recent documentary about the Grenfell Tower fire sat alone or as couples, directly facing the camera with occasional profile shots, and a completely dark background. The … Continue reading Research task: artists speaking about their practice

Assignment 5 – video element

The brief is to make a presentation which might be a video (max 3 mins), a PowerPoint (max 14 slides), Prezi, Padlet, or a PDF (max 10 pages); and the advice is to use key points to carry it, show don’t tell, and to consider the audience. Working with your strengths is also advised. Taking the last, first; video was inevitable. It also reflects most keenly the work I’ve been doing and very definitely lends itself to showing rather than telling. I took the key themes from the course notes in Exercise 6 and answered the questions using a Word … Continue reading Assignment 5 – video element

Post tutorial reworking

The previous version was busy and a little too ‘pink’. It was also under wraps due to having been allocated to a poem in a forthcoming collection due out at Christmas. This revised version is much more stark and would probably not suit the publication in the same way so I can post it without prejudice. As before, these are designed as a pair and this time I have reduced the colour by first, counterintuitively adding a layer of bright yellow to each then over painting one with T. white and the other with Payne’s grey and folding the first … Continue reading Post tutorial reworking

Part 5 assignment: painting in response to literature, and sometimes you just have to wait.

All these private posts. Deeply secret? Rude naughtiness? Bit of a hustle on the side? No. Well not exactly. These are all destined to accompany various publications. One is for a book cover, the others will sit with specific poems … Continue reading Part 5 assignment: painting in response to literature, and sometimes you just have to wait.