Exploring Media, Level 2 (HE5): Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Progress to date.

I chose Options 1 and 4 with substitutions of one element in each from Options 2 and 3. Of this, I have completed all of the first option and begun working on the second.

I am using all of the work to build towards my personal practice objective which will be a series of paintings embodying elements of a short story. To that end, and because I am enjoying this kind of work, I am using text as part of the image.

To date, I would say I am up to the second level of my large triangle for the first option, and at the beginning of the second option. Assignment 1 serves a check-in purpose to evaluate directions and volume/distribution (practical/written) work. Because I am free to work as and when I want to and have developed a routine that generally sustains anything from 8-2 hours in the studio per day, I am not concerned about timetables. The plan is conceptual rather than mechanistic.

Plan. Conceptual rather than date/time driven.  https://conboyhillexploringmedia.wordpress.com/2021/12/29/exploring-media-level-2-he5-second-module/   

The following list of links largely refers to practical work but these also contain an element of written material.

Research. Substitute element from Option 2. The practical work below is predicated on this. https://conboyhillexploringmedia.wordpress.com/2022/01/02/project-2-replaced-in-this-series-by-project-1-option-2/

Practical work – the substitute element, Project 2 of Option 2 – narrative. Series of paintings (i.e. constituting a single submission) Includes video. https://conboyhillexploringmedia.wordpress.com/2022/01/04/option-2-substitute-element-project-2-narrative/

Digital, work leading to a practical translation of Project 4 – mirroring and multiple images. Practical, digital, glitch, mirroring  https://wordpress.com/post/conboyhillexploringmedia.wordpress.com/484

Physical translation of ex 1-2 https://conboyhillexploringmedia.wordpress.com/2022/01/14/option-1-project-3-exercise-1-2-3-physical-translation/

Video material:

The book cover remains under wraps until the publishers permit advance release via the author, probably early October. I haven’t designed the cover, which will comprise text overlaying my painting.


  • Am I on the right track?
  • Does it matter if I’ve deviated?
  • My feedback to date shows that I gain most of my grade from the written and creative elements with no change at all for technique or actual delivery. Thoughts about that would be welcome.
  • The degree is in Painting but I’m finding digital work alongside this – filters, overlays, adjustments, warps and manipulations – using digital painting software and animation/video editing very attractive. Are you seeing openings for this kind of approach at Level 3 or do I need to use it just as an adjunct?

Total hours ~ 160

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