Exploring Media, exercises 3-8 (?pertaining to assignment 6)

This is the other page in the course notes that had gone missing unnoticed but that I think I probably addressed from experience elsewhere. In my video, I have very definitely worked to my strengths, using VR technology to show my AR work and a fantasy avatar to tour with it. I have learned a huge amount about video making in this process so that, while still rooted in physical painting, I feel better equipped to begin innovating beyond the techniques I have used so far. I think this approach also reflects sensitivity to the project (Ex 4) in that … Continue reading Exploring Media, exercises 3-8 (?pertaining to assignment 6)

Subversion – personal painting, #rift

I’m quite fond of subverting what might be described as genre output by juxtaposing or underpinning a relatively traditional piece with something that jolts it a bit. So when I came across an ad for a painting-by-numbers Van Gogh, my mind had already raced to an idea involving tracing and cutting out the numbered areas then enlarging and exploding them over an A1 card. But reality had other ideas. The schematic is printed onto the canvas which, unlike the ones from my childhood, is real and not a piece of cardboard. But even if it had been a firm surface, … Continue reading Subversion – personal painting, #rift

Fruit flies like a banana …

Two triumphs in one – my very first home-made greenscreen stop motion video featuring that banana, and an editing discovery that subverts YouTube’s recent no-choice Shorts conversion for videos that might a) be less than a minute long or b) portrait aspect ratio. These links don’t embed in WordPress or are recognised for the making of QR codes so, in case you’re reading this and it’s happening to you, the trick is to edit the link thus: Your YouTube generated link might look something like this: https://youtube.com/shorts/_thV9qFt_u0?feature=share [Note; this link is for illustration only, I removed the video it originally … Continue reading Fruit flies like a banana …

Painting Practice #1

My focus for this is Rift – geological, political, metaphorical. The work is a development of the digital/physical hybrids I made in earlier exercises and projects, and also as part of my personal painting that had no connection to that until this idea began to form. The first is almost entirely dependent on digital ‘post production’ in that an original painting in acrylics passed through Paintshop Pro, Rebelle 5 Pro, Flamepainter, and PhotoMirage to become the first Rift. The second is, in very many ways, more rooted in the physical and also represents an extension of my video making skills. … Continue reading Painting Practice #1

Inventory of Dreams: project 4

This is a reading task centred on Marina Warner’s 2001 book, Fantastic Metamorphosis, other worlds: ways of telling the self. I don’t really understand the title – what does ‘telling the self’ mean? – but the book uses Bosch’s Garden of Delights as its focus for discussion of fantasy, self, and the kinds of metamorphoses found in fairy tales. Perhaps the telling is related to psychological self-talk. I struggled with this, having never read Ovid or Plato, or in fact, any of the other texts to which Warner refers. There are tracts of Latin which I doubt my 1960s school … Continue reading Inventory of Dreams: project 4

Project 4 research task

This begins with researching Ian Andrews using the links in the course materials and then moving beyond that via a set of key words derived from that research to find other artists using ‘archival or appropriated material, stories, dreams, symbolism, or other ways of categorising/ordering knowledge and ideas and ideas which are partial or have degrees of unreliability in their systems’. As none of the links are active and I have come across Andrews before, I have used YouTube videos as a reminder. I am not going to spend much time on Andrews because unfortunately his work reminds me of … Continue reading Project 4 research task