Webinars, video demonstrations/tutorials

Organisationally tricky to integrate and take from one blog to another, I may just make this a cumulative post and take the link forward. Secrets of dust – pastels with Tom Walker PS via Mall Galleries. Pastel demonstration by Tony Allain PS, also via Mall Galleries. Watercolour demonstration by Brian Smith RI. Via Mall Galleries. Introduction to Intellectual Property and Copyright – Lisa Moore and Marie Hounsome for OCA. 10/03/2021. Due to be posted on the university site. Oil demo of an urban landscape by Adebanji Alade VPROI. Via Mall Galleries. Continue reading Webinars, video demonstrations/tutorials

Part 5, research point

Brief: look at three of the artists listed in the course materials. Before I began this task, I listed all the artists provided in the course materials and located websites with information and images. I did this over time, only at this final point eliminating the ones I had found least engaging, thereby leaving me with these three. At this point, I realised that all of them are mixed media, they all take discarded or found objects of some kind as their subject matter, and they all project a profound sense of meaning even if they are not always forthcoming … Continue reading Part 5, research point

Part 5, essay – historical and contemporary use of acrylics*

Acrylics – democratising art practice? Until the early 20th century, artists had been working with the same painting materials for hundreds of years …. [t]hen in the 1940s and 50s acrylic paint burst upon the art scene. Artist’s Manual. Collins … Continue reading Part 5, essay – historical and contemporary use of acrylics*

Tony Allain – pastel painting live demo

Delivered by Mall Galleries via Facebook video on January 30th 2021. A live demo of anything is hair-raising enough but when you’re not only the star turn but also the camera operator, sound engineer, and studio assistant, and you’re facing a faceless but constantly chattering stream of comments with nobody mediating them for you, it must be a nightmare. So absolute respect to Tony Allain for delivering two pastel paintings in under two hours, along with a commentary free of gloss and any sort of falutin. This is towards the middle of the first painting which he made from a … Continue reading Tony Allain – pastel painting live demo

Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work

In a favourable time and situation, never neglect the unfavourable potential. In an unfavourable time and situation, never act abruptly and blindly. And in adverse circumstance, never become depressed and despair. From the Tao of I, quoted by Alfred Huang … Continue reading Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work

Art or Palette?

I’m including this serendipitous piece here because the module has as its key objective the exploration of painting media and while there was no intent behind it, I think it has opened another door on both the way media can work and how outcomes might be judged. I posted it initially on Instagram with the question, art or palette? Most people dodged the challenge but some made their pitch – it was art. I felt I had to come clean so I told them it wasn’t, it was my palette. One person said then that it was both art and … Continue reading Art or Palette?

Formative feedback, Part 3

For logistical reasons, it made more sense earlier to deal with written elements of the course after completing the practical work. Some of those conditions still pertain but seem likely to persist due to current lockdown conditions delaying delivery of materials, and so I’ll need to make some logistical and physical accommodations to progress. One thing to emerge from this upside down and back to front way of doing things is a sudden realisation that following up the work of other artists is beginning to make sense in terms of my own practice, and another is that this has most … Continue reading Formative feedback, Part 3

Part 4, research point 1 – painters of tondos

The task suggests looking at some of the artists mentioned in the introduction to this part of the module and so I began by searching for Iain Andrews as his is the first name in the text. It sits next to an illustration of one of his pieces of work but as this is undated and has no title, it wasn’t retrievable. Other works of his seem not to be in this format but have a similar style – surrealistic images and allusions to content evidently equated with Freud’s analytic theories. Andrews is an art psychotherapist (not a psychologist as … Continue reading Part 4, research point 1 – painters of tondos