Assignment 5

This comprises a draft of the 1000 word essay and a video presentation of practice. I used both of these for my progression meeting which was successful.

The essay reflects the focus I have developed, with support from tutors, on extending the notion of media to include video material in my most recent work. In a very real sense, I see it as a manifesto for my degree years. The theme is an argument about the nature of technology and the acknowledgment that artists have always used the latest tools, from sticks to brushes, oils to acrylics, wood to canvas, to make their work and that digital tools are the latest, but probably not the last, in this line.

My video takes the theme of curation as discussed in a recent tutorial and sets the exhibition in the ultimate digital gallery, New Brighton seafront in the virtual world, Second Life. The avatar is from Avatar which rather cheekily emphasises the point.

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