Temporary home for coursework

10th April 2023. Drawing on Cixin Liu’s reference to van Gogh, string theory, and the reduction of the solar system to two dimensions (Death’s End: Three Body Problem series audio book 2018), this is (hopefully) going to be an exploration of Van Gogh’s approach to a cosmology he could never have seen and, for the latter part, doesn’t actually exist. It’s also in oils which I found in the bottom drawer of a stack. Bit of a first for me. Liu devotes an entire chapter to the dispassionate description of the process of becoming two dimensional. With no drama at … Continue reading Temporary home for coursework

Submission pieces

This is also, at some level, Assignment 6. Blue Passports. The ideological rift driven by the Brexit debate and referendum which is still underpinning our politics today. Link to the development of this piece. no/rmal. Commentary on the way people with cognitive and mental impairments were institutionalised in the past, selectively seen by members of the public on fundraising open days leading to split perceptions of worth. Link to the development of this piece. The style of the title illustrates the split with the use of a forward slash cutting the word in two and not prioritising one half over … Continue reading Submission pieces

Rift #5 – Red Wall

In writing the essay for this module, I realised there’s another rift to address – the one concerning the perceived value of traditional art found in galleries which is almost always physical and contained within a frame, compared with the burgeoning digital field. My work is explicitly hybrid but, after a discussion with my peer group in a recent crit meeting, it became clear that, while the physical work is designed to stand on its own feet, the film version is the final product. So what, here, is the art? Is it the physical painting upon which everything else is … Continue reading Rift #5 – Red Wall

Subversion – personal painting, #rift

I’m quite fond of subverting what might be described as genre output by juxtaposing or underpinning a relatively traditional piece with something that jolts it a bit. So when I came across an ad for a painting-by-numbers Van Gogh, my mind had already raced to an idea involving tracing and cutting out the numbered areas then enlarging and exploding them over an A1 card. But reality had other ideas. The schematic is printed onto the canvas which, unlike the ones from my childhood, is real and not a piece of cardboard. But even if it had been a firm surface, … Continue reading Subversion – personal painting, #rift