Incidental green screen experiments

What had been so mysterious has become a thing of many possibilities – those adjacent ones I was talking about earlier whereby you need to be in the first room before the doors to other rooms become available. I suppose my progression of rooms and doors has included easy apps, less easy full-on desktop suites, and ultimately a real wish to find out how to work with green screen for the course. I wouldn’t be in this room without those apps, without the first idiot-proof version of Filmora, without painting and image editing software going back years; and now here I am putting videos on posters pinned to telegraph poles, and onto my own shadow, with increasing confidence of intentionality.

The bins are green enough in their own right so the painted squares were unnecessary and the video had to be adjusted. Could probably have got the jasmine involved too!

I have ideas for house sides, but the first stop will be to use my own garage doors to show work from. Access by link, QR, or maybe Artivive if the doors per se are recognisable by their bridge software.

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