Essay component: preliminary plan

Key words: Rifts, meaning, physical, digital, and hybrids. These are the key words for the essay required for this module. Rifts because this is the area I’ve focused on for the painting practice component of this module; meaning because I’ve been banging on about making art meaningful to people who may never go to galleries, and physical/digital because art has always made use of whatever new technologies were available to it, from the camera obscura (see Hockney’s 2001 discussion) to Chevreul’s influence on colour theory. And this is before we get to performance art, filmic art, and transient art. There … Continue reading Essay component: preliminary plan

Option 4: unknowing, research task, & essay

The first task in this option is one of close reading, a technique that requires conscious attention to a tract of text in its context, the linguistics of it, the rhythms, and the meanings. We have for examination Pippa Gatty’s artist statement from her site in August 2020 (provided in the course materials) and we’re looking for words indicating liminality (edges or borders), and unknowing. For me, this was an exercise in identifying probes – where would I want to ask the meaning of something, for instance? – along with words that suggest containments or areas of leakage through a … Continue reading Option 4: unknowing, research task, & essay

Part 5, essay – historical and contemporary use of acrylics*

Acrylics – democratising art practice? Until the early 20th century, artists had been working with the same painting materials for hundreds of years …. [t]hen in the 1940s and 50s acrylic paint burst upon the art scene. Artist’s Manual. Collins … Continue reading Part 5, essay – historical and contemporary use of acrylics*