Videos made for AR

Embedding is via Artivive; you point the app at the physical painting and wait for it to latch on. Best conditions include good connectivity and good light, although, anticipating the prevailing conditions for one piece (Advent) would include viewing through a window in the dark, I used a photo taken in those conditions as the target image on the Artivive bridge. Creeping about in the dark and pointing a camera at a window is very odd thing to be seen doing, even when it’s your own window!

One painting, (Chamber), has too few key points of reference for the software to identify it as unique, which is oddly resonant with my feelings about that particular musical genre!

Acrylics with digital overlays via Rebelle5 and Flamepainter.

Acrylics and collage with filter applied in Rebelle5 and layered lights in Flamepainter.

Animations are made in either MotionLeap for iOS or PhotoMirage, with finishing in Filmora Pro. Audio is licenced by Epidemic Sounds.

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