Temporary home for coursework

10th April 2023. Drawing on Cixin Liu’s reference to van Gogh, string theory, and the reduction of the solar system to two dimensions (Death’s End: Three Body Problem series audio book 2018), this is (hopefully) going to be an exploration of Van Gogh’s approach to a cosmology he could never have seen and, for the latter part, doesn’t actually exist. It’s also in oils which I found in the bottom drawer of a stack. Bit of a first for me. Liu devotes an entire chapter to the dispassionate description of the process of becoming two dimensional. With no drama at … Continue reading Temporary home for coursework

Repainting the painting of the unpaintable

I decided I’d finished this yesterday, but really I knew I hadn’t. It grew out of one palette, drew on another, then morphed into a theme that needed the first. And I’d rushed the video. So I began picking away at it, finding the story, bringing out the face of the figure in the water and defining it. By this point, the story was about deep sea fishing and the cruelty that involves for fish and crew depending on the ethics of the captain. Through the podcast, Lost at Sea, I learned how crews are essentially trapped on board often … Continue reading Repainting the painting of the unpaintable