Green screen

Film makers do it regularly but this week everyone’s been doing it, thanks to Matthew Highton sharing his pre-greened clip of Boris (Johnson, who else?) looking lost at a meeting. I’ve never used green screen and I had no idea where to start but a quick search of YouTube, relating in particular to Filmora Pro which is the video editing app I use, I found an idiot’s guide which talked me through the process. This not only made it possible to put together the video I had in mind but also made clear that I’m no nearer knowing how to … Continue reading Green screen

Webinars, video demonstrations/tutorials

Organisationally tricky to integrate and take from one blog to another, I may just make this a cumulative post and take the link forward. Secrets of dust – pastels with Tom Walker PS via Mall Galleries. Pastel demonstration by Tony Allain PS, also via Mall Galleries. Watercolour demonstration by Brian Smith RI. Via Mall Galleries. Introduction to Intellectual Property and Copyright – Lisa Moore and Marie Hounsome for OCA. 10/03/2021. Due to be posted on the university site. Oil demo of an urban landscape by Adebanji Alade VPROI. Via Mall Galleries. Continue reading Webinars, video demonstrations/tutorials

Tony Allain – pastel painting live demo

Delivered by Mall Galleries via Facebook video on January 30th 2021. A live demo of anything is hair-raising enough but when you’re not only the star turn but also the camera operator, sound engineer, and studio assistant, and you’re facing a faceless but constantly chattering stream of comments with nobody mediating them for you, it must be a nightmare. So absolute respect to Tony Allain for delivering two pastel paintings in under two hours, along with a commentary free of gloss and any sort of falutin. This is towards the middle of the first painting which he made from a … Continue reading Tony Allain – pastel painting live demo