Green screen

Film makers do it regularly but this week everyone’s been doing it, thanks to Matthew Highton sharing his pre-greened clip of Boris (Johnson, who else?) looking lost at a meeting. I’ve never used green screen and I had no idea where to start but a quick search of YouTube, relating in particular to Filmora Pro which is the video editing app I use, I found an idiot’s guide which talked me through the process.

This not only made it possible to put together the video I had in mind but also made clear that I’m no nearer knowing how to actually make a green screen clip in the first place. Highton must have removed the background from the original frame by painful frame, unless there’s an automated way of doing it. Props to him.

There is a wealth of stock greenscreen clips that are free to use, and others that are paid. This one, from Pixabay, is free at the time of writing. Now I need to know how to make these the way Highton did, and also from scratch but without an actual green screen which probably means animated graphics rather than living subjects.

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