On a mission!

Not sure if I’ll succeed but I’m aiming to have everything I show at the forthcoming Steyning Arts art trail fully Artivive-enabled. That means making videos for each of the pieces of work – pertinent ones that add something to the original – setting the videos up alongside their target image on the Artivive bridge, then making sure they scan via the app.

After that, I can make cards or posters – table mats if I fancy it – and the app will bring up the video. Well, as long as there aren’t blobs of tomato ketchup in the way!

This is how a rough print – my best printer has turned its toes up, it would appear – is handled by the app:

How long will they stay active? There’s no consensus on this. The app is used in galleries, primarily, and I don’t see that they offer continuity should someone by an enabled painting. My view though, is to find a path that measures duty of care depending on the recipient/buyer, and to make a clear agreement about how long activation will last.

The hosting itself isn’t problematic but the costs associated with numbers of scans might be. There are levels of membership, each offering more scans with prices that go from Free (100 views per month) to 200 Euros per month for 20000 views per month. There’s also a Custom option that I haven’t investigated yet.

Longevity is a factor that needs to be discussed, but in the meantime I have roughly nine more videos to make. Who knew this counted as painting!

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