Steyning Arts art trail – not long to go!

I am exhibiting with some very experienced artists who know their way round a publicity campaign and I’m playing catch-up here with a use of PowerPoint I never could have imagined a few years ago! These are just some of the paintings I’ll be taking and because almost all of them have embedded AR (augmented reality) videos, you might want to get hold of the Artivive app for the full singing, dancing experience. You’ll be able to activate the video once you get your painting home too. Using Artivive: the AR works by recognising a photograph of the painting and … Continue reading Steyning Arts art trail – not long to go!

On a mission!

Not sure if I’ll succeed but I’m aiming to have everything I show at the forthcoming Steyning Arts art trail fully Artivive-enabled. That means making videos for each of the pieces of work – pertinent ones that add something to the original – setting the videos up alongside their target image on the Artivive bridge, then making sure they scan via the app. After that, I can make cards or posters – table mats if I fancy it – and the app will bring up the video. Well, as long as there aren’t blobs of tomato ketchup in the way! … Continue reading On a mission!

Artivive in the wild!

I’ve mentioned the Artivive app before – it’s an app that calls up video hosted on their site and linked to a specific image. For now, it’s mostly used in galleries where lighting and connectivity are generally good. I used it for my contribution to our lane’s Advent Window fundraiser (for the local school) whereby one window a night is ‘unveiled’ and then stays lit for the rest of Christmas, which meant viewing in the dark from the garden in a village where mobile signals aren’t always great. It was a big test and it passed! Artivive has a torch … Continue reading Artivive in the wild!