Artivive is a way of linking an image to a video without the need for QR codes on the work you’re scanning. Take a painting, for instance; you might want to add an animation or some clips of it being made, or maybe a thank you to whoever’s looking at it. A QR gives the viewer access to that via their phone’s camera or a dedicated app which then transfers you. You can access the video anywhere you like if you have the QR to hand so you could snap it and print it, job done.

But QRs aren’t that pretty to look at, they’d mess up a birthday card for instance, and you wouldn’t slap one in the middle of your masterpiece.

Artivive – and I’m not being paid by them, I’m just a bit taken with the potential – places the video right onto the painting via your smart device’s screen, which makes it ideal for video overlays such as animations. Better still, if you thought your friend would like to see it too, you could buy a postcard or a print for them because the video is triggered by the image, not a code that sits alongside. Bit of a difference, isn’t there, between sending a painting on a postcard and a QR on a piece of paper?

These paintings all have associated videos which are accessible via the Artivive app.

The app is free, and artists pay nothing for 100 views pcm of an unlimited number of images.


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