Post tutorial reworking

The previous version was busy and a little too ‘pink’. It was also under wraps due to having been allocated to a poem in a forthcoming collection due out at Christmas. This revised version is much more stark and would probably not suit the publication in the same way so I can post it without prejudice.

As before, these are designed as a pair and this time I have reduced the colour by first, counterintuitively adding a layer of bright yellow to each then over painting one with T. white and the other with Payne’s grey and folding the first across the second to leave a white residue in the black. I was thinking to scrub the surfaces to expose some of the under layers but instead my eye fell on my new pack of stencils.

Again, this has been folded across to leave a reverse image of the lettering which itself is white-on-white faint. The various speeds are written into the image of the person; barely visible on one side, starkly alone on the other. This resonates with the poem, or at least another interpretation of it, in which the key protagonist seems both calmed and worried about influences beyond their control. There is light and shade, chaos and order in the words which themselves don’t quite lead to a definitive ending.

After some consideration, I think the submission will be just the image on the left.

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