Assignment 3 – four paintings

Feet in Foliage.
The animation, made with MotionLeap for iOS, shows pixels being taken from the landscape and disappearing into the feet. Symbolic, possibly, of our propensity for negatively impacting our environment.
Abandoned Chair in a garden.
The spider web animation (MotionLeap for iOS) represents abandonment.
Camera in a Garden
Fire representing our carelessness on both a micro and a macro scale with regard to our environment. The animation is made with MotionLeap for iOS. Audio is added in Filmora10 and comes from Epidemic Sounds. The flame in front of the camera is ‘reflected’ in the lens by the addition of a second flame element, the size adjusted accordingly.
Mirror on a garden shed.
The animation comprises two identical elements showing a flock of birds in flight. They are contained within the mirror. Speculative fiction may tell a story either of birds from ‘this’ side becoming trapped there, or of us, the viewers, being trapped on the wrong side, only able to see the other-world birds through the mirror.

My contemporaneous account of the making process is here.

In the course of completing this series, I have collected ideas and links to previous work related to the newcomer artistic enterprise of anthroposcenic landscapes. This is beginning to settle into the parallel project strand, perhaps merging with magical realism and possibly a touch of surrealism.

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