Part 4

I have fused the first two projects in this serendipitous piece which uses clothing material (nylon, possibly), paint peeled off a well-used palette, and strips taken from the OHP film I use to keep paint fluid while I need it. It gets quite thick, quite mixed at its borders, and peels off in patches ranging from fused blobs to thin randomly shaped pieces. All of them pliable to some degree, depending on how recently they were used.

This is on A1 card. The material is glued in places but held vertical by pegs. The palette has been in use for a few months so it’s accumulated a great deal of paint. Sometimes I prefer the aesthetic of the palette to the painting I’m making and I have, in the past, spoofed one as intentional.

The colours and their quasi-random organisation remind me of someone – possibly impressionistic – but I can’t bring them to mind.

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