Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work

In a favourable time and situation, never neglect the unfavourable potential. In an unfavourable time and situation, never act abruptly and blindly. And in adverse circumstance, never become depressed and despair. From the Tao of I, quoted by Alfred Huang … Continue reading Part 5, Assignment 5 – preparatory work

Formative feedback, Part 3

For logistical reasons, it made more sense earlier to deal with written elements of the course after completing the practical work. Some of those conditions still pertain but seem likely to persist due to current lockdown conditions delaying delivery of materials, and so I’ll need to make some logistical and physical accommodations to progress. One thing to emerge from this upside down and back to front way of doing things is a sudden realisation that following up the work of other artists is beginning to make sense in terms of my own practice, and another is that this has most … Continue reading Formative feedback, Part 3

Assignment 2 with AR via QR – blue butterflies anyone?

This very primitive demonstration shows how augmentation can be applied to paintings wherever they are and accessed using QR scanning. A second way of making the AR visible is to upload the target image, in this case the painting, and the video file – this one made in Thyng – to the Thyng website. Once live, scanning the image with the Thyng app will bring up the AR embedded video. QR scanners are ubiquitous for smart devices. Thyng may be a new um, thing but is also a smart device app. This is an experiment; I’m paddling in the shallows … Continue reading Assignment 2 with AR via QR – blue butterflies anyone?

Assignment 1 – objective evaluation

This has been both a nightmare and a revelation. The first because ‘small’ is a challenge on several levels (all those faculties that don’t work so well as you get older), and the second because some of it did work relatively well despite those constraints. I also realised that my initial choice of twenty found images did not necessarily map well onto the actual assignment: some were really not at all interesting to paint, and some were, for me, impossible to paint. As a result, I substituted a few as the task unfolded. Luckily – or by design – some … Continue reading Assignment 1 – objective evaluation