Assignment 2 with AR via QR – blue butterflies anyone?

In the physical setting, the code can be scanned in situ

This very primitive demonstration shows how augmentation can be applied to paintings wherever they are and accessed using QR scanning.

A second way of making the AR visible is to upload the target image, in this case the painting, and the video file – this one made in Thyng – to the Thyng website. Once live, scanning the image with the Thyng app will bring up the AR embedded video.

QR scanners are ubiquitous for smart devices. Thyng may be a new um, thing but is also a smart device app.

This is an experiment; I’m paddling in the shallows of what AR/QR can do to reach out to communities for whom art, especially contemporary art, is a mystery they’re reluctant to engage with. Look at Liz Hickok’s work for an idea of how this can enhance the experience of exhibited art.

The AR is via Thyng at url

The QR is via QR Code Generator at url

The video is hosted by YouTube.

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