Formal Assessment – images

This is a detail from my sketchbook; drawings of metallic birds in biro, and watercolour finger-painted into place. The support is pink sugar paper pasted into the book. It was probably the first time I had made loose drawings of this kind and it came after buying a copy of Henry Moore’s book full of ‘wire frame’ drawings of sheep. I think this series of drawings represents something of an early milestone in exploration of different media and supports as I had never used either before. My approach to drawing had also changed in this work, looser and less ‘perfect’. … Continue reading Formal Assessment – images

Extracts: response to tutor feedback Assignment 3

A key piece of advice, and one that has just been reiterated by my Painting tutor, is to slow down and take more time to explore. I’ve commented there and it’s relevant here that I think this is due to my still being in shallow waters and that I am expecting this to change in due course. When I have more depth of relationship with the material, depth of perception and focus will follow. I have been an expert in my field for many years and so this feels like floundering. It’s uncomfortable but that bodes well for action. You … Continue reading Extracts: response to tutor feedback Assignment 3

Assignment 3 self evaluation

  Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. I thought I could handle perspective but it’s proved unexpectedly difficult – I can see when it’s wrong but correcting it is quite problematic, especially when I bring it into conscious focus. I concentrated on the flyover/underpass images because these were a) the most linear of perspectives but b) because errors couldn’t be fudged, and I developed a technique – drawing out the lines on a photograph – to help me establish the angles. This seems to have worked for me and … Continue reading Assignment 3 self evaluation

Assignment 3 – an outdoor scene

The brief includes straight lines, elements of perspective, and some natural objects. I’ve chosen the scene under the Shoreham flyover – an area above which roads and slip roads curve and swing, their huge struts with their feet in land used sometimes by keepers of horses but more often left to its own devices. There are other bridges in the distance, and tall shrubs between them and the concrete posts. It reminds me of a scene from Metropolis, the 1927 sci fi film directed by Fritz Lang. My sketches are quite stark, reflecting what I now understand to be brutalist … Continue reading Assignment 3 – an outdoor scene