Angry COVID face 2020

Art school dropout from the 1960s, this is my full circle and I’m taking none of its nonsense this time round, although I hung onto a smidge of the rebelliousness of those student demos along Brighton’s Grand Parade and I deploy it whenever I come up against a daft rule. It’s fair to say I’ve given some of the earlier exercises short shrift, reinterpreted many, and invented my way into an alternative universe with others. It’s the spirit, not the letter that counts, right?

I’m a big fan of technology so I’ve been really pleased to see that this is embraced by OCA. My focus begins with physical art which I jump through digital hoops to produce a moving image, often with audio. My current favourite apps include MotionLeap for iOS/Android, Filmora10 for video editing, and Artivive for layering video over static images. These can be triggered by pointing the app at the image wherever it is – on a wall, on a postcard, on a telegraph pole as I’ve established recently. There’s an in-app torch for low light conditions but you do need a decent mobile signal if you’re not in reach of wifi.

Where am I going with this? It’s hard to say because it always takes me a while to process new material and ways of thinking. Level 3 (HE6) will be the consolidator although I’ll need to hit that ground running.

I like colour, expressiveness, and meaning in my work.

Instagram: instagram.com/fishbits/

Blogs: Conboyhillfiction, primarily writing related but now incorporating my science blog; and Strayfish Arts where non-OCA art, how-to and documentary videos, and occasional discussion posts go. All my Level 1 (HE4) OCA blogs are merged here.

Animations padlet: still trying to figure out a purpose for this beyond housing as many of my physical art-based videos as I remember to post.

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