UPM & Level 1 all done and dusted

I can’t say this has been easy, but I can say that necessity is very much the mother of invention and with excellent tutor support, I’ve managed to invent myself to an unexpectedly satisfactory conclusion!

I think I’ve said this at the end of every module so far but if, like me, you’re struggling to find your feet in the OCA art world, you might be encouraged to know that what you’ll find here earned me 67% at assessment. Previous grades have come in at 62% (Practice of Painting – my second course), and 56% (Drawing Skills 1 – the first course I took). It’s a steady improvement which, to me, reflects a growing understanding of the background noise; the hum of the art world and the ideas it generates. If you’re very new to it as I was, take heart, this is possible!

This blog will stay up for a while in case it’s any help to current or future students. Start at the beginning, look at the fails and the struggles not just the relative successes towards the end. Nothing comes from nowhere. Except spiders; pretty sure they do.

My current blog documents work for Level 2 (HE5) Studio Practice, and yes, I’m still fighting and still with excellent tutor support!

Acrylics on duck cotton (A1 size) with mobile figures. Photo taken in low light.

Happily passed with an unexpected 67%


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