Painting media

This module is about exploring the use of different media in the making of paintings. One of the pieces that, for me, came off best from what was a difficult series was a small almost abstract painting of the pair of osprey I’d been watching for much of lockdown on the Loch Arkaig webcam. I saw the eggs; I was watching when one of them hatched; I saw all three grow up and leave the nest on their migration to Africa. This tiny painting, and some of the less satisfactory challenges that followed, drove me back into my comfort zone … Continue reading Painting media

Washes – a video by Liron Yanil

This was a revelation and really supported the course materials. Details such as the ideal tilt, and brush shape that aren’t covered in the text, and the concept of the bead – that leading edge of dilute medium that sits at the bottom of any horizontal stroke – which I’d never heard of and had no idea of its actual use. Liron is using watercolour but I need to try it with acrylics. My guess is it will dry more quickly but we’ll see.   First attempts, some with stretched paper and some not. These are prussian blue and raw … Continue reading Washes – a video by Liron Yanil

Part 1, Research Point 1, Chiaroscuro

I came across the term chiaroscuro many years ago and subsequently forgot what it meant then confused it with sgraffito. A little analysis would have clarified that, given the latter’s close approximation to graffiti. Chiaroscuro is about light and the use of paint to create that illusion on canvas. Sister Wendy Beckett (Beckett, 2001) notes an early example of this (see above) and makes the link back from this Roman piece to Hellenistic art. I find this painting startling in its realism; representational without being frozen. It looks alive. The small glass vase in particular has a fragility to it, and a … Continue reading Part 1, Research Point 1, Chiaroscuro