Farewell, Drawing Skills 1

That’s it, all done and dusted, assessed and graded. For anyone still in the throes of completing this module, and any new starters for as long as it has any relevance, I am leaving the blog here so you can see what 56% looks like.

Don’t skip to the end, look at the inarticulate and incoherent mess I made of the early exercises and assignments. I had no idea what I was doing, I found it hard to get a foothold on it never mind a grip, and as a result I trivialised the work.

Somewhere along the line though, something pinged, connected, said ‘Aha’ quietly to itself, and I began to enjoy what I was doing. The final assignment was a triumph given where I’d come from and I can only credit my tutor who seemed instinctively to know that nudging and a trail of carrot crudites would lead to effective engagement.

Here it is, and here it will stay but with no further updates. Be encouraged by what you find here; I made it through, and so will you.

Image is from my submission for Practice of Painting assessment, November 2020. See? Bit of spark in this, right!

These blogs are still active, the first for a few months more, the second rather longer. Maybe drop in and follow those now this one is furloughed?

https://conboyhillpainting.wordpress.com/ completed, not yet assessed (due November 2020). Update: passed with 61%

https://conboyhillpaintingmedia.wordpress.com/ begun August 2020 so probably active for quite a while. Update: passed with 67%

That’s the end of Level 1 (HE4) of the degree.

Now at ConboyHill Studio Practice (wordpress.com). Completed November 2021. Assessment due March 2022.

6 thoughts on “Farewell, Drawing Skills 1

  1. Well done!!! Happy to see you made it to the end of your first course! And keeping an eye on your further work to see where it will lead you and us (audience) 😎💫

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