Assignment 1 – objective evaluation

This has been both a nightmare and a revelation. The first because ‘small’ is a challenge on several levels (all those faculties that don’t work so well as you get older), and the second because some of it did work relatively well despite those constraints. I also realised that my initial choice of twenty found images did not necessarily map well onto the actual assignment: some were really not at all interesting to paint, and some were, for me, impossible to paint. As a result, I substituted a few as the task unfolded. Luckily – or by design – some … Continue reading Assignment 1 – objective evaluation

Assignment 1 – arranging twenty small paintings to make one large one

For this part of the assignment, we’re asked to arrange the twenty small paintings on white paper to make a large painting, and then to consider groupings. I used two A1 pieces of foam board temporarily held together with masking tape and propped on my easel. The first arrangement goes from animals through fictional species, to space then place, and finally to Diana on her own as she always seemed to be despite the crowds. The second arrangement is more pragmatic – it’s the ones I’ve put into my desktop and Alexa wallpaper folders. The rejects are down the right … Continue reading Assignment 1 – arranging twenty small paintings to make one large one

Formal Assessment – images

This is a detail from my sketchbook; drawings of metallic birds in biro, and watercolour finger-painted into place. The support is pink sugar paper pasted into the book. It was probably the first time I had made loose drawings of this kind and it came after buying a copy of Henry Moore’s book full of ‘wire frame’ drawings of sheep. I think this series of drawings represents something of an early milestone in exploration of different media and supports as I had never used either before. My approach to drawing had also changed in this work, looser and less ‘perfect’. … Continue reading Formal Assessment – images

Assignment 1 self evaluation

I chose this painting from the two I’d done because I like the colours, the brush marks, and the fact I’d managed to get the shape of the jug right for once. I’m also drawing a contrast with the seafront scene in that the jug painting, ironically, seems to have more movement in it despite being a still life. I have scoured the folder for a structure for this component and failed so I’m transplanting the one I’ve used in the Drawing module. Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. … Continue reading Assignment 1 self evaluation