Open College of the Arts – learning logs

OCA is the distance arm of the University of the Creative Arts which validates its degrees, and as part of the degree process, students are required to keep a learning log.  This can be a Word document, submitted along with assignments and end-of-module assessments, but the university prefers online blogs. Not surprisingly, these are tutor/assessor oriented rather than being for a wider audience, but as they’re public, keeping that wider audience in mind is a significant part of the process for many of us.

For logistical reasons, most people find they need to generate separate blogs for each module, and as there are three for Level 4 (first year undergrad equivalent), two for Level 5, and as far as it’s possible to judge from where I am so far (first module of Level 4), only one for Level 6. That’s six blogs in total.

Most of us use free versions either from OCA’s in-house provision or from other providers such as Blogspot or Weebly. My preference is WordPress where I already have blogs, although it must be said that I hadn’t understood much about pages, categories, or tags until I began this course which is an unexpected outcome for a degree involving paints and drawing implements!

Drawing 1


Passed August 2020: 56%

Practice of Painting


Passed November 2020: 61%

Understanding Painting Media

Passed August 2021: 67%

This is the last HE Level 4 course for me on the Painting pathway. It’s the equivalent of the first year of a three year degree.

Level 2 (HE5)

Studio Practice

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