Figure Drawing Atelier

My second adventure with Juliette Aristides’ beautiful books. This one focuses, as the title suggests, on figure drawing and although I’m resisting life drawing where only nude models are available, I am prepared to work through this book as I did with the previous one in order to build skills. For my first trick, I seem to have drawn a naked Stormtrooper. Graphite pencil and putty rubber.


This is probably my first moderately successful gridding effort. Usually, I find myself lost in the lines but this time I seem to have focused in on the right areas for the right parts of the image. Slightly wild feet but a much better tilt and angle of the head too. Thank goodness for putty rubber though, eh? Graphite pencil.


And I’ve just seen the next task …


One of my peers on this course has made a far more elegant copy of this drawing than I’ve managed but I’m pleased to have got the proportions about right, used the gridding technique more effectively so the feet are facing in the right direction and the angle of the head is more or less okay. The least said about the hands the better! Graphite pencil.

The next section, for another post, is headed ‘Volume’.

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