Project 2, Still Life. Research point 2, Dutch still life painters.

Research the still life and flower painting of the 17th century Dutch Golden Age. Make notes on particular paintings you admire and find out about techniques. Research at least one with iconographic significance and discuss the meanings ascribed to the objects. Explore still life through the 18th to 20th centuries and discuss how the subject matter was dealt with; in particular the early Cubist approaches of Braque and Picasso. Consider how contemporary artists are interpreting this genre. Specifically, this task refers to 17th century masters from what’s known as the Golden Age. Running an initial search, my first thought was … Continue reading Project 2, Still Life. Research point 2, Dutch still life painters.

Painting – first assignment

I’m very much enjoying the Drawing course but it was good to be able to carve some acrylics onto a solid gesso base again. The task is to produce a painting of my choice on any support and in at least A3 size. Initially, I went back to my jug and onion combination – lovely bright colours and this time the jug actually looks to be the right sort of shape and proportion with itself! Happy? Course not – there was a seafront calling, based on a drawing that gave me enormous trouble with its perspectives. I’d liked the monochrome … Continue reading Painting – first assignment

From fire screen to fantasy citadel

I’ve unpinned this now but it might not be the end. It’s gone to sit on the studio wall while I let it stew and maybe give it some competition. The new piece will be bigger – four A3 sheets pasted to an A1 sheet instead of two on an A2. That’ll show it. As you can see, there’s some bleaching by the camera (an iPhone 8+) in the close ups when they’re on black so the bottom picture gives a better idea of the whole. The bricks are troubling though – too distractingly flat and prosaic – so they … Continue reading From fire screen to fantasy citadel

Assignment 1 submission critique

It’s hard to know what influences I brought to bear on this work; partly because whatever they are, they go back a long way and have probably become barely conscious and fleeting, likely unnamed, and definitely inconsistent in style. I hit adolescence/young adulthood in the 1960s, a tumultuous time for politics, social behaviour, art and music. I was gripped by Quant[1] – those clean efficient lines, and Aubrey Beardsley[2] – full of tiny detail, dots and curls, and Dali who made the ordinary fascinatingly unsettling. Then there was Millais’ Ophelia[3] – again the detail but also the light, the colour, … Continue reading Assignment 1 submission critique