Painting – first assignment

I’m very much enjoying the Drawing course but it was good to be able to carve some acrylics onto a solid gesso base again. The task is to produce a painting of my choice on any support and in at least A3 size. Initially, I went back to my jug and onion combination – lovely bright colours and this time the jug actually looks to be the right sort of shape and proportion with itself!


Happy? Course not – there was a seafront calling, based on a drawing that gave me enormous trouble with its perspectives. I’d liked the monochrome charcoal/conte impact and the dash of Brighton jade on a small section of railing so I fancied a go at this with paint. Using a different photo – one that turns out to be pre-i360 and with a bit more West pier in evidence – I went the whole A1. It needs a bit of attention from a flat iron to squash those bubbles but hey – promenade perspectives! Now I don’t know which to submit, help please …


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