Part 1 – piece of fruit

At the moment, there’s just an apple so – here’s a progression of apples.

Acrylic on pre-washed, transparent gesso prepped A4 cartridge

I’ve used just four colours: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, violet, and cadmium green, (all student grade Royal & Langnickel so not very pigment dense) along with just one brush, a Royal & Langnickel size 6 which is soft, flat, and not very large so ok for A4 size and the little bit of detail I want to trickle in. After letting it dry a little, I added more colour from the same palette then scraped lines into the wet paint with a pebble (a Catalyst W-01).

I think it’s beginning to look a little too round and more like a lantern than an apple. I’ll take another run at it tomorrow – Apple.v.2!

17th April. So now I’ve made a Christmas tree ornament and a plum ghost.

Acrylics on transparent gesso.
Layered acrylics.
Very dilute acrylic dropped onto wet cartridge and dabbed with paper towel.

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