Assignment 3 – outdoor scene preparatory work

I think I’m working my way towards using the underneath of the bypass for this. I liked the exploratory sketches and the brutal nature of the concrete, which has nevertheless been appropriated by humans, and how it sits in the middle of a natural environment of clay, rocks, uncultivated vegetation, and water. It’s often dripping; the sounds under there echo; the traffic rumbles and thuds above.


Today, I was on the far side from where I’d taken those initial photos and I could hear music. It was coming from the vicinity of a man who was sitting on the river side of the graffiti’d strut I’d snapped and playing something. The acoustics were astonishing and I tried to record it on my phone. Struggling with finding an app then with getting it to work, I succeeded only in saving something to an account I’d forgotten about and don’t know how to find, for now anyway, but it gave me an idea. I used the video function.

img_2642  First video

  Second video

[Note: why is it YouTube videos embed via a link even on the free version of WP but my own, hosted on a YouTube channel, don’t? I ask the question to the air!]




Later, I took an audio using a different app, this time in the open from a bench outside a sheltered housing community overlooking the river.

img_2651 The soundscape is here and it’s very different even though only a hundred yards or so away.

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