Part 1 – applying paint without brushes

This appeals to me, I like wielding a palette knife and a pebble and carving acrylics into shapes. I started with a landscape from memory but found my memory had stored all the wrong shapes. I’ve been doing sketches of this scene recently for the Drawing module and although that’s moved on a bit from pencils and charcoal, it felt very nice to be let loose with something solid and malleable. I worked originally from photos I’d taken there then reduced to monochrome and heightened the contrast in PaintShop Pro.

Underpass from (very inaccurate) memory. Acrylics, Galleria lamp black and Liquitex heavy body titanium white, and palette knife on A4 cartridge.

Again, lamp black and titanium white cartridge applied with a palette knife to A4 cartridge after another look at my photo.

I go through this underpass almost every day and, a couple of days ago when I was on the other side of the river, I could hear music coming from this side. A man was sitting on the river bank playing a radio and the acoustics were just fantastic. It was both beautiful and eerie. I made a couple of video recordings, basically soundscapes, to capture that moment as I’m thinking this could be the subject of my third Drawing assignment. They’re here and here.

Back to the fruit. I’ve recruited a pear this time.

Pear. Acrylics – student grade Royal and Langnickel cadmium green, cadmium orange, primary yellow, and Liquitex heavy body titanium white applied with paper towel roll, a stylus, and my left thumb. A3 cartridge which is very old and quite thin, hence the wrinkling. Does it need a bottom or can it just hang there in space?

19th April, twenty second (as in time) apple. It’s the cover of a very old sketchbook last used in the dark ages and I’d scraped some gesso or acrylic or something over the front to repurpose it for the Painting course. Easiest apple ever!

Couple of sweeps with a pebble using leftover acrylics sitting on a wet pad. #economy.

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