OCA BA hons Painting – some exercise tasks

I’m right at the beginning of what could be a five to seven year haul towards the degree and, coming as it does some fifty years since I did the Foundation year, I need to get a shift on or I’ll be grabbing that scroll while they’re nailing the lid down! My blogs (learning logs for the course) are elsewhere but, as it’s going to take up much of my artistic effort and there might not be much else to post, I’ll be popping some bits and pieces here from time to time. Maybe there’ll be visible progress, you never … Continue reading OCA BA hons Painting – some exercise tasks

Part 1 – applying paint without brushes

This appeals to me, I like wielding a palette knife and a pebble and carving acrylics into shapes. I started with a landscape from memory but found my memory had stored all the wrong shapes. I’ve been doing sketches of this scene recently for the Drawing module and although that’s moved on a bit from pencils and charcoal, it felt very nice to be let loose with something solid and malleable. I worked originally from photos I’d taken there then reduced to monochrome and heightened the contrast in PaintShop Pro. I go through this underpass almost every day and, a … Continue reading Part 1 – applying paint without brushes