Part 3, project 2, exercise 1 – self portrait

I was ready to paint this straight off; angry with the world for its negligence when it comes to wildlife and the consequences this has unleashed on us, this could be subtitled ‘the corona years 2020-2021’ because that is how long this will last for anyone in the older age bracket or with other vulnerabilities in the absence of a vaccine. I’ve used a limited palette of phthalo blue, titanium white, Payne’s grey, alizarin crimson, and dab of sap green on some A2 cartridge prepared with transparent gesso and a wash of Naples yellow/Payne’s grey mix. I applied the paint … Continue reading Part 3, project 2, exercise 1 – self portrait

Part 2, project 3, exercises 1&2 – contrasts

The objective of this exercise is to demonstrate the influence of similarly toned or complementary colours on each other (ex 1), and experience the illusion referred to as ‘successive contrast’ (ex 2). Exercise 1 requires a base layer of mid-grey over which a series of squares is filled with colours of differing relationships. Squares 1-5 follow the brief, using ultramarine blue as the central colour with the surrounding squares filled with similarly toned colours including cadmium green, payne’s grey, and white mixed with the original blue. The sixth square contrasts the blue with its complementary colour, orange. In the next … Continue reading Part 2, project 3, exercises 1&2 – contrasts