Mystery: option 4, project 3, second task

The second task is to choose an option for the next exercise, 4.2, and then research the four artists associated with that. My preferred option here is narrative (b) and so the artists to look at comprise first, Paula Rego (1935-) whose work I was first introduced to in Drawing Skills 1 way back in 2018/19. Her pastel drawings/painting of dancers contrasting almost comedically with the luminescent delicacy of Degas’ ‘petit rats’. I’ve written a lot, or possibly the same thing several times, about Rego. The links are here and largely for my own record as I can see … Continue reading Mystery: option 4, project 3, second task

Mystery: project 3 ‘Short History of the Shadow’

The first task is to read the eBook, Short History of the Shadow (1997) by Victor I Stoichita, and make notes or perhaps drawings to record any thoughts. I was able to access a PDF via Ex Libris. We seem to be talking here about the speculations of a man who died in AD 79 (Pliny) and the later constructions placed on this by Plato and Hegel. Pliny said that painting began when ‘men’ drew around their shadow, which I suspect is not substantiated by later research on cave drawings where it seems all but demonstrated that people first blew … Continue reading Mystery: project 3 ‘Short History of the Shadow’

Option 1, Project 3, exercise 1.2.3 – physical translation

12/1/22 My next step here is to make a physical piece that draws on the digital work. I have chosen the drips because of the drama of the simplicity sitting either side of the ‘jungle’. I have chosen black card as the support, cut it to A3 size, and applied a layer of gloss varnish to permit runs of fluid medium. While this is drying – and it may need another layer – I am printing out the central image at magnification by roughly quartering the original, saving each part as a separate image, and printing those. The results of … Continue reading Option 1, Project 3, exercise 1.2.3 – physical translation

{TITLE} {what title} {NOTITLE} – Part 5, project 3

Project 3 is about generating titles for pieces of work and, oh my goodness, am I familiar with this one! I’ve had to generate them for conference papers, internal reports, workshops, and latterly short stories, a couple of books, and a litter of pre OCA and now concurrent within and outside of OCA paintings and prints. It’s not easy. There is at least, with many of them anyway, an assumed target audience and a set of expectations depending on who this is. There is also the subtext of linguistic bamboozlement designed to impress/intrigue/enhance the product. Titles are important; they’re for … Continue reading {TITLE} {what title} {NOTITLE} – Part 5, project 3

Part 4, project 3, research point 1 – looking at landscapes

There isn’t an explicit task to this other than to take a look at various kinds of landscapes from the surrealist oddities of Dali, Ernst, and de Chirico; the less dream-like but emotional and somewhat personal work of Nash and Sutherland; and to take another tilt at German Expressionism and Symbolism via Nolde, Klimt, Moreau, Bakst, and Kahlo. One of the first genres of painting to attract my somewhat sci-fi focused attention was surrealism. It looked out of this world, an imaginarium of weirdness that seemed aspirational. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I think Dali’s 1931 … Continue reading Part 4, project 3, research point 1 – looking at landscapes