Part 5 – personal project preparatory work, digital seas

Flamepainter for iPad is a free app and it’s wonderful for quick, if somewhat erratic, sketches. The process is easy to work out – choose a brush, set the size and other parameters, change the colour if you want to, draw. The last part is the trickiest as the ‘light’ zooms around the canvas as if possessed. Best plan is to try one combination of brush and speeds and get used to it before altering anything else! The image above is made on a black canvas using a number of brushes to pick out the light that might be from … Continue reading Part 5 – personal project preparatory work, digital seas

Assignment 4, self portrait

The task is to draw a self portrait of any size in any medium and to find an interesting perspective, which means it’s the first time I’ve taken a selfie from below jaw level and discovered my nose has a central deviation to the right. It’s a wonder the rest of it is lined up as it should be. This is not the up-nostril shot, this is the warm-up, off-centre, eyeball-shift aspect. Biro to see if I can find some shapes that might work. Another quick sketch – white conte on black gesso. The aim, unlike the one above, is … Continue reading Assignment 4, self portrait

Part 4 Assignment 4 preparatory work seated figure

Line drawing. Influences: David Hockney’s simplicity of line even in his paintings, and Henry Moore’s circular wire-frame marks. I am including Egon Schiele because of his expert economy of line although I abhor his subject matter; nevertheless he comes to my conscious mind enough to suspect that his techniques are woven into my impressions. Finally Paula Rego whose robust figures draw me for all sorts of reasons, including the volume she achieves with lines and marks. Hockney. This tiny clip of a clip illustrates just how simple lines can be and still suggest shape, volume, and texture. The pillow is … Continue reading Part 4 Assignment 4 preparatory work seated figure