Moving figures, research point Angela Edwards

A local gallery has sent out notifications of a forthcoming exhibition of cityscapes and I’ve seen for the first time the works of Angela Edwards, a contemporary artist. This is a short video of one of her pieces as she puts it together.


The gallery is Kellie Miller Arts in Brighton which I visited earlier in the summer and which I intend to visit again to see these pictures close up. The link leads to the gallery’s page showing thumbnails of Edwards’s work. Also showing is a selection of Marco Minozzi’s atmospheric townscapes in which there are no figures at all.

I don’t pretend to understand the description of how Edwards makes her work but it seems driven by her effort to translate the ephemeral digital world into more permanent and fixed physical structures. A close up view will, I think, tell me more but from the thumbnails it looks as though she begins with silhouettes and gradually builds more 3D images with painted backgrounds and details of colour on the figures. I was quite struck by that, which is why I want to see them in situ. In fact, on reflection this may have been how I came to choose black cartridge support for a drawing today. The result bears no resemblance to Edwards’s work but I think the idea of pulling the image out of the background probably came from seeing these pieces.

I will update this post after my visit.

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