Steyning Arts online portrait exhibition

Since first lockdown I’ve been trying to make the front of the house a bit more cheery with bunting and painted pebbles. Then for Halloween, I dressed a christmas tree as a witch [because why not?] and put her in the porch with pumpkins, a shiny metal beetle, and some supposedly luminous stones. Steyning Arts portrait exhibition is online for obvious reasons but I’ve popped mine in the porch for anyone passing by to take a glance at – safely of course.

On the left, ‘Who do I speak to about this PPE?’ Acrylics on cartridge. On the right, ‘Dignity’ from an unattributed photograph of an unnamed woman. Acrylics on canvas. Both are works made as part of my *painting degree and so not for sale as yet.

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*Painting degree: this is with the Open College of the Arts, the part time distance arm of the University of the Creative Arts. [Details here.] We use online blogs to record progress and, embarrassing as that is, they’re public so feel free to take a look. Drawing1 (my first and thankfully passed), Practice of Painting (my second module, awaiting results of formal assessment due this month), and Understanding Painting Media (the third and final module at the equivalent of year one of a full time degree; expecting to submit this body of work for assessment in March 2021).

Steyning Arts trail

It’s that time of year when artists of all varieties pack the products of their febrile imaginations into a vehicle and head off to sit hopefully in a tent or, if they’re lucky, someone’s front room with a disenfranchised cat. This year that’s going to be me but I’m not going far and while there will be a tent of sorts, there’s also a very amenable host, a couple of all-over-you cats, a dog, and a bunch of fluffy-trousered chickens. Last year I was a visitor and I spent much of my time there so, barring seriously adverse weather conditions, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. We’ll all be pleased to see you, should you drop in, especially those of us out here in the Kuiper belt of the trail. BIG UP THE BEEDING ARTISTS!

[Ed – shouldn’t there be an L in that?]