Sketch book: outdoors with fish, cats and a tree


Out in the garden in the sun so a bit of opportunity for the odd sketch. The first is the rump of one of my cats peering into the pond. It’s the view I’ll have for much of the summer. Plain old willow charcoal.

This is a fairly awful sketch of one of the fish using coloured conte crayon. It had started out very fluid with shadows of its movement in the water but ended up rather static and frankly a bit grim. Still, learning curve.


Finally my cherry tree and some pots. Charcoal smudged towards the left then detailed in sharp conte. I quite like this as it feels more mobile and evocative. Exactly what’s missing in the poor old fish.


Fish and stalking cat in biro. None of these stay still at all so I’m just grabbing an eyeball snapshot and going from there!

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