Not quite ‘last’ – painting revisited

Art is a lot like writing, an ongoing process of edits, revisions, and the murdering of darlings – who knew? This is where I left off a day or so ago, thinking that’s it, no more, it is what it is.


But no; it sat there looking heavy and lacking while at the same time seeming to have some potential, even if of the sort that only its creator could love. I’ve gone for the ‘edit-by-gesso’ strategy under the dubious influence of BST jetlag (one hour forward and I might as well have flown to New York, I’m that discombobulated) and obliterated the dark shades in the facial flesh tones.


Then I’ve taken a stylus to it and scratched at the gesso before it was completely dry to get at the colour layers below. Whatever happens, promise me you won’t let me mess with that face again? Brace yourselves, hands, you’re next.


No more fiddling …



And I have an idea. Couple of days ago, I saw an instagram post of someone’s art work that had what looked like cling film tightly wrapped around the edges making it look quite urban. I liked it – as in ‘tick the heart’ like – then read that it hadn’t been taken out of its packaging yet.

Well, considering selfies are all about reflecting, and this one is a painted reflection of a camera reflection of a mirror reflection, I’m thinking artificiality is pretty much the core of it and it could do with some ‘urban’ attention. Back in a bit.

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