Part 1, project 2 monochrome studies

Are these instructions particularly obtuse or do I have the wrong language chip installed? Anyway, the task was to take two A3 sized sheets (conveniently side by side in my sketchbook); apply a dark wash to one and a light grey wash to the other. As I didn’t have any of the suggested colours to make the first (and also may not have twigged that ‘wash’ meant ‘transparent’) the dark side is a mix of Royal & Langnickel student grade cyan blue and lamp black, and the grey is this mixed with Liquitex heavy body titanium white. Next, came the … Continue reading Part 1, project 2 monochrome studies

Sketch book: outdoors with fish, cats and a tree

Out in the garden in the sun so a bit of opportunity for the odd sketch. The first is the rump of one of my cats peering into the pond. It’s the view I’ll have for much of the summer. Plain old willow charcoal. This is a fairly awful sketch of one of the fish using coloured conte crayon. It had started out very fluid with shadows of its movement in the water but ended up rather static and frankly a bit grim. Still, learning curve. Finally my cherry tree and some pots. Charcoal smudged towards the left then detailed … Continue reading Sketch book: outdoors with fish, cats and a tree

The Elton John of trees

View this post on Instagram Three #cats and it’s still standing! #christmas #christmastree #flashylightyglitterything A post shared by Dr SP Conboy-Hill (@fishbits) on Dec 9, 2018 at 12:51pm PST Two nights and counting … Happy, merry, whatever-this-means-to-you-time. New Year wishes? A kinder, more welcoming year and, like compound interest, giving the world a nest egg of nice for the future. Continue reading The Elton John of trees