Washes – a video by Liron Yanil

This was a revelation and really supported the course materials. Details such as the ideal tilt, and brush shape that aren’t covered in the text, and the concept of the bead – that leading edge of dilute medium that sits at the bottom of any horizontal stroke – which I’d never heard of and had no idea of its actual use. Liron is using watercolour but I need to try it with acrylics. My guess is it will dry more quickly but we’ll see.   First attempts, some with stretched paper and some not. These are prussian blue and raw … Continue reading Washes – a video by Liron Yanil

Part 1, project 2 overlaying washes

For some reason, the instructions for this task became more impenetrable the more I read them. I’ve done something but whether it meets the brief or not, I can’t be sure. I also used the products of this exercise as the base for the next one – opaque colour mixing – so I had direct comparisons. The second part involved mixing the main colours with white to increase opacity. I used the right hand side of the original washes for this to enable direct comparison. I’m biased here; I like heft and texture rather than watery applications although I can … Continue reading Part 1, project 2 overlaying washes