Part 1 – washes and objects

Pasted into sketchbooks, this is the latest batch of acrylic washers based on the video by Liron Yanil. Burnt umber and prussian blue, magenta and cad yellow, prussian blue and cad yellow.  The video uses watercolours but it seems to me the same kind of principle applies to acrylics. One thing; it’s not as easy as it looks; second thing, the angle of tilt is important to prevent running and my large easel doesn’t go flat enough.


This is a move on from there to overlaying an object on a base of grey wash. I’ve used a small candle holder. This is the first application – quite blocky and some distance from wash.


This is the second version with more layers of wash and and a final brush over with plain water to blend. The base where it meets the surface is unsatisfactory but i’m going to leave it now and do the same exercise with the dark grey on a light wash.


Dark on light. Makes me realise I’d done dark on dark above!


This is the light on dark version. I quite like using conte under drawing and also finger painting for blends. This cartridge wasn’t up to much more of that though so it’s finished where it is.


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